Drink of the day: Iron butterfly

As a rule of thumb, anything made with Bailey’s is yummy.  This one is no exception.  Try this after-dinner drink.  Given the mix and relatively high alcohol content, we suggest you consider enjoying it slowly.  Drink responsibly, as they say. … Read More

Throwback Thursday: The leather football helmet

Before the advent of plastic football helmets, many football players wore leather helmets.  It’s no coincidence that the earliest football helmet looked more like a padded aviator cap than the high-tech crash-tested helmet used by today’s players. The invention of … Read More


Texas is famous for all sorts of stuff.  Beef Brisket is one of them!  Get the recipe here. INGREDIENTS: 3 garlic cloves, chopped 1 tablespoon chili powder 1 tablespoon jarred beef base 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce 1 teaspoon cumin 1 … Read More

Outfit of the week: Modern yet throwback

It’s time to get ready for a full season of Dallas Cowboy Football.  We think this outfit looks pretty swank.  Tell us what you think or simply order some of these items for yourself.  

Basically, adult Capri Sun

The perfect recipe for a hot afternoon at a preseason football game. Enjoy!  INGREDIENTS ice 100ml Archers (Peach Schnapps) 350ml vodka 2tbsp grenadine juice 2 limes 350ml orange juice 350ml passionfruit juice Extras: passion fruit, mint leaves, segmented orange, small … Read More

Throwback Thursday Focus: The Cowboys Throwback Uniform

The inaugural Cowboys uniform is refreshingly timeless and, thankfully, avoids the ultra-ugly bumblebee look of the throwback jersey of the Steelers.  Though their jerseys were beautiful, the 1960 Cowboys record was not.  Their final recorded for this season was 0-11-1, … Read More

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